Credit Fraud


Be aware of common factors that could lead to identity theft and credit fraud.

Cyber Threats and Fraud:

We are all exposed to technology and every day we are more likely to have our personal information circulate everywhere without our knowledge for example, in the social networks, smartphones, and computer hackers, etc.

If your wallet was lost or stolen:

You should notify the credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion and request a police report immediately.

If relatives or friends may have used your identity:

You should always have your personal information in a secure place.

If you have been a victim of identity theft, contact our credit experts today for a FREE credit evaluation.


Disclaimer: When negative information in your credit report is accurate only the passage of time can assure it is removed. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a credit reporting company can report most accurate negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for ten years.