Personalized Credit Repair Services


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Individual Credit Repair Program

$149 Audit, Analysis, and File Setup Fee and monthly payments starting at $99.00 :

The Setup Fee will cover the cost for the three credit bureaus credit report analysis, and file setup. Credit Recovery Group will set up your files, input all account information, and issue you a username and password.

The Monthly Fee is for services performed the previous month. You will be charged each month based upon your enrollment date after the services are performed, and this fee will be charged monthly until the services are canceled or up to twelve (12)  months using the Notice of Cancellation form.

Individual Credit Repair Program Includes:

  • Unlimited disputes and deletions
  • Debt validation
  • Secure online tracking
  • Personalized credit consulting
  • Free Settlement Letter
  • Budget Planning Tools


*Page 9 and 10 of the Service Agreement specifies a complete list of items included in the credit restoration program.