Unlock Your Credit Potential with Rent Reporting

Did you know that your responsible rent payments can be your secret weapon for improving your credit score? Surprisingly, many people aren't aware that their timely rent payments are not automatically reported to the major credit bureaus.

At Credit Recovery Group, we've partnered with a trusted third-party service, to empower you with the tools you need to showcase your excellent rental payment history on your credit report. Imagine the doors this could open for your financial future.


Why Rent Reporting Matters


Your rental history can be a game-changer: While credit repair focuses on fixing errors, rent reporting adds a powerful positive tradeline to your credit history. It's not about removing the bad; it's about accentuating the good.

Boost your credit score significantly: Within as little as 30 days, you could see your credit score surge by 30 to 100 points or more. Imagine the financial opportunities that open up with a stronger credit profile.


How Rent Reporting Works

Your tradeline will work its magic in two ways:

1 .Ongoing Monthly Reporting: Your responsible rent payments will be reported monthly to Equifax and TransUnion, ensuring your consistent financial responsibility is recognized.

2 .Two Years of Prior Rental Reporting: Your last 24 months of on-time payments will be showcased on your credit report, giving potential lenders and creditors a comprehensive view of your financial history.



The Benefits of Our Rent Reporting Service

  • Significant Credit Score Increase: Watch your credit score rise with the recognition of your timely payments by two major credit agencies.
  • Aged Tradeline Advantage: If you have a thin credit history, this service adds valuable depth to your credit reports, making you a more attractive candidate to lenders.
  • Appear as a Property Manager: On your credit report, your rental payments will be reflected as a property management company, emphasizing your responsible financial behavior.


Disclaimer and Client Responsibility

  • Positive Tradeline History: We'll add 24 months of positive rental history to your credit report, but it's essential that the tradeline you submit has been and continues to be in good standing.
  • Credit Status Responsibility: Your credit status is ultimately your responsibility. While we can enhance your credit profile, it's crucial to maintain financial responsibility.
  • Not a Credit Repair Service: Please note that this service is not a credit repair solution; it's a proactive way to strengthen your credit with the power of your rent payments.

We are not responsible for the service being done.  All questions or concerns must be expressed to the third party company after enrolling for their service.

Don't let your good rental payment history go unnoticed any longer. Take control of your credit future and unlock financial opportunities you never thought possible.

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