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No Obligation
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Credit Repair Services in Missouri City

Our personal credit repair services and our certified credit specialists can improve and restore an individual's credit report after it has been impacted by life's financial crisis and disadvantages. Some situations like divorce, personal or family illness, simple overspending, foreclosure, family casualty, unemployment, military leave or identity theft can cause credit report damages, be proactive to get your good credit back!

If you live in Missouri City, the best way to improve your credit is through a credit repair process. Credit Recovery Group Inc. can help if you have inaccurate, outdated, erroneous, and unverifiable records on your credit report.Our Credit Repair Plans

Get started now! Money back guarantee if service cannot be done. 

Set up Fee:

The setup fee for the standard credit repair services will cover the cost for the three credit bureaus credit report complete analysis, and file setup. Client will provide access to their credit report to Credit Recovery Group. We will set up your files, input all account information and issue you a username and password for your credit restoration portal.

Monthly Payments:

The monthly fee is for the credit repair services performed the previous month. You will be charged monthly based upon your enrollment date after the services are performed, and this fee will be charged monthly up to six (6) months or until a written Notice of Cancellation is submitted to our processing center as required by law.

Credit Repair Programs Include:

  • Unlimited disputes with the 3 major Credit Bureaus
  • Debt validation with creditor and collection companies
  • Secure online tracking 24/7
  • Personalized credit consulting
  • Free Settlement Letter
  • Budget Planning Tools

Disclaimer: When negative information in your credit report is accurate only the passage of time can assure it is removed. According to the Federal Trade Commission a credit reporting company can report most accurate negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for ten years. 


Frequently asked Questions about Credit Repair