Corporate Credit Repair Services


Employee Retention

With Corporate Credit Repair Services, your organization can assist and offer benefits and access opportunities to help their workforce restore their good credit through the credit repair process by Credit Recovery Group.  Maintaining the key employees in your company is an asset and investment that is a great benefit for your team!

By improving your employees’ financial stability with our corporate credit repair services, they will then be able to:

  • Reach their goals
  • Perform better
  • Be more efficient
  • Have ongoing motivation
  • Be more focused at work
  • Have less stress
  • Want promotion opportunities
  • Improve their credit behaviors
  • Identify credit errors on their reports

Employee Credit Education

The following are the benefits to providing your employees with credit education:

  • Improving their credit score
  • Qualify for the best financial programs
  • Have lower interest rates
  • Refinance their home
  • Obtain new loans and services
  • Have a better work position
  • Access to company promotions
  • Plan for the future

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Helping Your Employees Be Better Borrowers

Credit Recovery Group, Inc. will not only work on correcting information on their credit report but we will have the greatest intentions to make your employees better borrowers. This in return will help them manage their own credit without having the risk of getting back poor credit.

Disclaimer: When negative information in your credit report is accurate only the passage of time can assure it is removed. According to the Federal Trade Commission, a credit reporting company can report most accurate negative information for seven years and bankruptcy information for ten years. Click Here to See Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act