The Client further agrees by signing the Service Agreement to hold CRG harmless for any schedule delays, loss of home promise, or other credit-related objectives not met as a result of the credit restoration process.

CRG agrees to attempt to assist the customer within the limits of the law in understanding their schedule, but CRG does not guarantee the outcome within any timeframe for the Client to obtain financing within acceptable terms to the Client or the financing institution.

Each Client must provide proper proof of identification as requested by CRGand a copy of their tri-merge credit report with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) to CRG within 72 hours of this agreement and also upon request by CRG during the term of this agreement.

Consumer Copy of Contract Required:

Any consumer who enters into any contract with any credit repair organization shall be given, by the organization:(1) a copy of the completed contract and the disclosure statement required under section 405; and (2) a copy of any other document the credit repair organization requires the consumer to sign, at the time the contract or the other document is signed.

Identity Theft Disclaimer:

The Client must inform CRG upon enrollment if they are (or have been) a victim of Identity Theft, and also must notify CRG if they have filed for Identity Theft prior to executing the Agreement. Should the “Client” wish to file for identity theft before, during, or after enrolling in our credit restoration program, the “Client” must notify CRGin writing prior to filing the police report and executing the identity theft affidavit with the understanding that his may lock the “Client’s” file(s) and remove the “Client’s” published credit scores.

Consumer Net Impression Disclosure:

Credit Repair Organization’s goal is to provide credit repair services to assist CONSUMER in achieving an accurate credit report. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that the Credit Repair Organization does not guarantee any specific outcomes or results on behalf of CONSUMER, but contracts to provide the specific list of services as more fully described herein. Credit Repair Organization does not charge for, nor shall Credit Repair Organization collect for, any services, until such services as detailed in the listed contracted services are fully provided. Credit Repair Organization does not contract for services to remove accurate and/or verifiable information from CONSUMER’S credit file. CONSUMER hereby acknowledges that active participation in providing Credit Repair Organization with all requested documents, forms, and information including investigation results, is essential to providing the credit services for CONSUMER. Credit Repair Organization does not provide tax, legal or financial advice. If you need any type of legal advice, you must contact a licensed professional.

If you have any further questions about this disclosure please contact us.

Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act