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“I want to thank Credit Recovery Group for assisting me in reaching my dream of purchasing my own home. They helped me repair my credit. I am extremely thankful for the professional assistance given me. I know the company will continue their excellent service!”

Fabio - Houston, Texas

“I was tired of being declined loans due to my old past mistakes, then Credit Recovery Group came to the rescue! They removed the outdated information, updated several accounts, and deleted several other negative entries. They helped me understand why I was in the situation I was in and what to do to keep from going there again. Thanks CRG!”

Tracie - Waxahachie, Texas

“Dearest Credit Recovery Group: Dear Nubia, I’m pleased to highly recommend your company to whom needs fast, legal, and effective credit or debt related services! You have worked so hard to clean up my credit report and now, I’m finally very close to services existed, until my loan officer (Cathy Hernandez of A Plus Home Loans) told me about you, and you helped me with my bad credit problems. You took care of my charge offs, late payments, medical bills and even the identity fraud. I’m grateful for it and Thank you forever! ”

Patricia Jaime - El Paso, Texas

“We are very thankful to credit recovery group for helping restore our credit and making it possible. We were going to try and buy a house we were renting from a relative but at the end she didn't want to sell but, thanks to crg our credit was restored and were able to purchase a brand new house. When we went to see new houses we were told we could get a 4-5% interest rate we couldn't believe it and sure enough when we closed we got a 4.25% rate . If you follow what they tell you what to do there's no reason why your credit can’t be restored . Its worth paying for there service. There service was a big blessing just in time when we needed to move out they were able to help us put our credit in order. They gave us tips on how to maintain our credit in good standing as well. Thanks CRG!”

Saul and Aida - Houston, Texas

“We have been very pleased with the service provided by Credit Recovery Group. CRG has been instrumental in closing the deals that would have otherwise walked away.”

A Plus Home Loans - El Paso, Texas

“Our customers love the personal service, fast friendly results, and updates whenever changes disputes and correspondence were sent. CRG’s time tested system really works helping my customers recover their credit and move on with life. Everybody deserves a second chance!”

Gold Quest Mortgage - Houston, Texas

“My credit score was in the high 700’s before I found Credit Recovery Group. They were able to remove a Judgement that was dragging me down and allow me to purchase new Company vehicles with a score over 800 in just six months! CRG, you are the greatest!”

David Castillo - Alpha Omega Drilling - San Antonio, Texas

“We are very pleased with the job you all have done as I was very delighted to see my scores go up impressively compared to the last time I pulled them. Please see attached copy. I am happy to report also that I received a preapproval for refinancing my home at a 4.75% interest rate which will give me a savings of 50% or more in mortgage payments if successful. I will continue to work with you until my credit gets even better.”

Maurice - Houston, Texas

“We are thankful for the wonderful service provided by Credit Recovery Group as they were able to take back our good credit and remove the accounts unfairly published on our credit reports. The service was friendly, professional, and timely to our schedule.”

Carla and Dwain - Fort Bliss, Texas

“My credit was so bad I couldn’t finance a tricycle. After Credit Recovery Group restored  my credit, I was able to purchase the motorcycle of my dreams!”

Mr. Williams - Houston, Texas

“When I got robbed at gun point 5 years ago they took my wallet with my drivers license, social security card, and credit cards. A few years later a lot of false information started showing up on my credit report. I had no idea and didn’t know what to do. Then I met the Credit Recovery Group. They got all the false information removed and my score is back to what it was before. The small monthly nominal fee is well worth getting this resolved. Credit Recovery is a consistent, professional, and an invaluable service that I highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Credit Recovery Group!”

Sam Pineda - Navarro Insurance Group