Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions: Federal law requires that any unverifiable, outdated, incomplete or erroneous information must be removed from consumer credit reports by the credit reporting agencies. CRG agrees to use its best efforts to provide the “Services”, and will perform them in accordance with Federal and State laws.

A. This Credit Report Audit and Investigation Service Contract between Credit Recovery Group – CRG, LLC (CRG) and the undersigned “Client” (refers to both persons in case of a couple) is for the purpose of purchasing credit report audit/analysis, investigation and improvement services (the “Services” ). The “Services” will include preparation of correspondence to credit bureaus to request removal of erroneous, incomplete, outdated, misrepresented, or unverifiable information, which the “Client” states appears on the credit reports which the “Client” has furnished CRG. This is not a debt consolidation or bill payment program. The “Client” is solely responsible for repaying or settling validated debt, including appearing in court, or mediation upon request by their creditors, collection agencies, courthouses, or other.

B. Monthly Payment Plans and Credit Report Analysis/Audit/Setup Fee of $149 for an individual, and $239 for a couple, billed after the contract is signed or electronic order is received and the customer files are set up. This is the most extensive part and will not be charged until this service has been performed. CRG will analyze/audit the “Client’s” credit reports and develop a plan to investigate, validate, and delete, correct or change those negative items which can be deleted, corrected or changed under current federal and state law during this contract.  There will be no fees or any other charges associated with the “Services” until after the completion of each month of “Services”. The “Client” understands and agrees that after the first month of “Services”, a recurring monthly fee of $99 for an individual, and a recurring monthly fee of $179 for a couple will be due, and that this fee will be charged monthly until the services are canceled using the attached Notice of Cancellation form. The monthly fee is for all costs and fees associated with the previous month’s “Services” that include database and file maintenance, updating files, and other work necessary to track and implement the process. The “Client” understands that the monthly fee includes all necessary postage for regular mail service, the continuing analysis/audit and investigation/dispute of up to three credit bureaus, all correspondence associated with the credit report audit, investigation, and improvement process, the review for changes requested by the “Client” to the “Client’s” credit reports as a result of contacts made on the “Client’s” behalf with each applicable credit bureau, creditor or public record holder, and the continuing planning and creation of Documents for the purpose of credit report improvement. If premium mail services are requested by the “Client”, the “Client” will be responsible for the premium postage fees depending on their choice of delivery service (United States Postal Service express or certified mail, Federal Express, UPS, or other overnight carrier of their choice).

C. Agreement to return documents to CRG: The “Client” agrees to send, via mail, all credit reports and/or correspondence received from credit bureaus and/or creditors to CRG offices within five (5) days after the date received. If the “Client” has not received any credit reports or correspondence from the credit bureaus within 60 days after the date of the initial Credit Report Analysis/Audit or within 60 days after the date for each round of disputes, the “Client” must notify CRG by fax, e-mail, or regular mail. The “Client” is also responsible for immediately notifying CRG of change in mailing address and shall take the appropriate action necessary to continue to receive the “Client’s” mail through the United States Postal Service.

D. Month to Month Contract Terms and Cancellation Policy: The term of this contract shall be month to month, automatically renewing until such time as the “Client” cancels. Should the “Client” decide to cancel the “Services” and terminate this contract, the “Client” shall give written notice in writing requesting such termination to CRG using ONLY the Notice of Cancellation form attached to this Service Agreement. The “Client” is responsible for payment of any “Services” performed by CRG up to the date of receipt of the notice to cancel such “Services”. If the “Client” cancels within 14 days of the monthly payment date, the “Client” will be responsible for the next payment. If the “Client” cancels 14 days or more prior to the next payment due date, then no other payments will be due except for outstanding payments already due from the “Client”.

E. Limited Power of Attorney Granted to CRG, LLC: By executing this contract to obtain CRG Credit Report Audit and Investigation Services, the “Client” grants CRG during the term of this contract, a limited power of attorney, by and through its authorized representatives, to: 1) use the Customer Information that the “Client” provides in order to obtain from credit bureaus, creditors, collection agencies and other holders of records of “Client’s” credit reports, “Client’s” credit history or other creditor information for the “Services”; 2) use “Client’s” name to sign correspondence addressed to creditors, record holders and credit bureaus; 3) obtain credit information over the telephone, fax, and or through the internet from record holders; 4) to discuss information with any record holders to help resolve a debt if mediation of a debt is necessary. CRG acknowledges that its Authorized Representatives have been alerted to the sensitivity of the Customer Information. As such, CRG will use its best efforts to ensure that Customer Information will be handled in a responsible and professional manner. The “Client” shall have the right to revoke or terminate the limited power of attorney provided under this contract at any time upon written notice to CRG. Otherwise, the limited power of attorney shall terminate upon termination of this contract. All questions pertaining to validity, interpretation and administration of this contract shall be determined in accordance with the laws of Texas. “Client” agrees that the “Client’s” limited power of attorney is valid throughout the United States for all Customer Information to be obtained by CRG pursuant to this contract by the binding and enforceable signatures set forth below. This contract contains the entire agreement of the parties and there are no other promises or conditions in any other agreement whether oral or written.  This Agreement supersedes any prior written or oral agreements between the parties.

F. Disclaimer: CRG agrees to improve the “Client’s” credit profile during the period of up to one year.  The “Client” understands that the results obtained by CRG on behalf of the “Client” are dependent on numerous factors, including but not limited to the “Client’s” ability to repay debts and loans, cooperation of the “Client’s” creditors, and credit bureaus ability to verify information provided to them by CRG on behalf of the “Client”. Implied or expressed guarantees are not applicable; CRG will honor this promise only: While CRG cannot guarantee a full restoration of your credit; we state that we promise to legally do everything possible on your behalf to request the correction to restore your good credit. If we fail to do so, we will refund your money for the “Service” (excluding initial credit report Analysis/Audit fees). If documentation requested from you, by CRG for the credit report improvement, is not forwarded to our office or addition of new negative items appear subsequent to the date of this Agreement, the refund policy will be voided. Client agrees to pay bills on time; not paying bills on time will result in new negative items also voiding the refund policy. Failure to do so will result in the voiding of the refund policy. No refunds are issued prior to the completion of the process upon which the completion date is one year (12 months) from signature of this Service Agreement.

The Client further agrees by signing this Service Agreement to hold CRG harmless for any schedule delays, loss of home promise, or other credit related objectives not met as a result of the credit restoration process. CRG agrees to attempt to assist the customer within the limits of the law in understanding their schedule, but CRG does not guarantee the outcome within any timeframe for the Client to obtain financing within acceptable terms to the Client or the financing institution. Each Client must provide proper proof of identification as requested by CRG and a copy of their tri-merge credit report with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax) to CRG within 72 hours of this agreement and also upon request by CRG during the term of this agreement.

G. Identity Theft Disclaimer: The Client must inform CRG upon enrollment if they are (or have been) a victim of Identity Theft, and also must notify CRG if they have filed for Identity Theft prior to executing the Agreement. Should the “Client” wish to file for identity theft before, during, or after enrolling in our credit restoration program, the “Client” must notify CRG in writing prior to filing the police report and executing the identity theft affidavit with the understanding that his may lock the “Client’s” file(s) and remove the “Client’s” published credit scores.