Identity Theft Recovery

Fact: Identity theft occurs every four seconds in the United States, according to figures from the Federal Trade Commission.

Starting as low as $99 for monthly fees. Audit, Analysis, and File Setup prices will vary for each case.

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The Setup Fee will cover the cost for the file setup and credit report analysis for three credit bureaus.  This fee will be charge after the 5th day of enrollment.

The Monthly Fee is for services performed on the previous month. You will be charged each month based upon the first payment charge date until the services are canceled or up to twelve (12) months using the Notice of Cancellation form.

Please contact our office to schedule a telephone or office interview to start your Identity Theft Recovery Process.

ID Theft

Cyber Threat:

We are all exposed to technology and every day we are more likely to have our personal information circulate everywhere without our knowledge for example, in the social networks, smart phones, and computer hackers, etc.


If your wallet was lost or stolen:

You should immediately notify the credit bureaus to set up a fraud alert.

If relatives or friends may have used your identity:

You should always have your personal information on secured place.

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