Identity Theft Recovery

Identity theft concerns continue to rise in our digital age. Did you know that the Federal Trade Commission reports identity theft occurring every four seconds in the United States? Whether you've been a victim or wish to safeguard yourself, our Identity Theft Recovery service is your solution.

Comprehensive Identity Theft Recovery Service

Starting at just $99 per month, our fees vary for Audit, Analysis, and File Setup. Please contact us for detailed pricing.

Setup Fee: This covers file setup and a comprehensive credit report analysis across all three major credit bureaus.

Monthly Fee: Our monthly fee covers services performed in the previous month. You'll be billed each month based on the first payment date until services are canceled or for up to (6) months using our Notice of Cancellation form.

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Your Journey to Recovery Begins Here

At Credit Recovery Group, we commit to simplifying the complex process of identity theft recovery. Our services encompass:

Legal Guidance: We provide expert assistance in completing essential legal forms and documentation, enabling you to regain control of your identity.

Reporting: Our team takes charge of reporting identity theft to local, state, and federal agencies, ensuring proper authorities are informed.

Continuous Credit Monitoring: For up to six months following the incident, we offer peace of mind through ongoing credit monitoring for all agencies and provide you with updates, diligently safeguarding your credit.

Immediate Fraud Alert and Credit Freeze: In case of a lost or stolen wallet, we'll swiftly guide you through notifying credit bureaus and implementing a fraud alert for identity protection.

Inaccurate Information Rectification: If inaccurate data surfaces on your credit report due to theft and doesn't belong to you, we tirelessly work to have it removed, ultimately improving your credit score.

This is NOT a Credit Repair Service. 

Reclaim Control of Your Life

In an era where technology exposes us to daily cyber threats, safeguarding your identity is paramount. Whether you suspect identity theft or have experienced a loss, prompt action is crucial.

At Credit Recovery Group, we're dedicated to guiding you through regaining control, restoring financial well-being, and preventing future identity theft incidents. Reach out to our office today to schedule a telephone or office interview, and let us expertly navigate you through the Identity Theft Recovery Process.

Don't let identity theft define you; take action today to protect your future. Contact us Today!

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