Steps You Can take Againts Identity Theft

identity theft

Here are a couple of ways to save yourself from identity theft:

1.Make sure that you keep copies of any correspondence you have with

the police and anyone less when trying to clear up these matters as this

will help you to repair your credit score.


2.Contact all your current creditors and explain the situation to alert them

to any problems and make sure that all your current financial arrangements

are safe by changing access passwords and if necessary closing accounts.


3.Keep all your correspondence with your creditors on file for future

reference if required.


4.Your creditors will need to know what has happened as they might see

that your credit score has dropped and this will cause them concern

for the money you owe them.


5.The sooner they are advised of the situation, the fewer problems you

will have where they might reduce the amount of credit they had previously

allowed you to have access to.

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