Why Did My Credit Score Drop? 5 Reasons

graphic showing credit score drop

Have you recently asked yourself, “why did my credit score drop?”, if so we may have the answer you are looking for! Your credit score is a dynamic entity, influenced by various financial activities and updates in the scoring algorithm. To decode the mystery behind your credit score drop, let’s dive into key considerations that could be impacting your credit landscape.

Reason 1- Your credit card utilization is above 30%:

Maintaining a delicate balance in your credit card utilization is extremely important to have a healthy credit score. The recommended utilization rate is below 30% on each card. By keeping your balances in check, you not only showcase responsible credit management but also contribute to the positive trajectory of your credit score.

Reason 2- Too Many hard Inquiries:

Recent applications for loans or credit cards can make your credit score drop since these are considered to be hard inquiry pulls on your report.  Having more than one or two inquiries might have a minimal impact,but having a larger amount of loan inquiries could raise concerns. Lenders may interpret such activity as an attempt to overspend or a potential red flag. Striking the right balance when seeking new credit is crucial for maintaining a stable credit score.

There are errors on your credit report:

Your credit report is the cornerstone of your credit health, and any inaccuracies on your report can make a huge difference in terms of your credit score. It’s important to search for errors in your report because you do not want have misinformation or, in some cases, identity theft. Digging deep into these inaccuracies ensures that your credit score is a true reflection of your financial behavior, offering you a chance to fortify your credit standing. You can check your credit score here

You’re not making your payments on time:

Missed payments can send ripples through your credit history, impacting your score heavily. Any delay beyond 30 days can result in a hit to your credit score. Emphasizing the importance of punctual payments is not just a financial rule; it’s a strategic move to safeguard your credit standing and keep your score on an upward trajectory.

You closed old accounts:

 Closing a credit card you’ve had for a while might seem like a logical step, but it could impact the length of your credit history. By paying off the card and leaving the account open, you maintain positive points for your credit history, longevity, and total available credit— this is a strategic move for a having a great credit profile.


By contemplating these aspects of your recent credit activity, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of why your credit score may have experienced a drop. With this knowledge, you can have a better understanding in the factors that heavily influence your credit score and you will be able to take informed steps toward improving and maintaining a wonderful credit score.